Jean Poyet

active 1483-1503

From the Hours of Henry VIII (Latin), illuminated by Jean Poyet ca 1500. At the Pierpont Morgan Library.



"Are we declaring war on the unborn?"

This true story was told by a man living in Nazi Germany during the Jewish Holocaust. He attended a little church that was situated next to railroad tracks. Suddenly they realized that the train cars were packed with people like cattle. They also realized the people were Jews. As the train neared the church, cries for help were heard; they could do nothing to help so they decided as the trains passed they would sing hymns. The cries tormented them since they could not help so they decided to sing louder, hoping to drown out the sound.

Today that same man is trying in every way he can to stop the killing of our precious unborn. He is singing an entirely different tune, and this time, he doesen't even have to be particularly loud about it.

Compare that scene to America weve had 30 years of legal abortion. The aborted babies number 40 million plus or 4,000 daily one every 20 minutes. (Time/Date Stamp: August 29, 2006.)

Its as if we have declared war on the unborn. Folks want to harvest stem cells from the embryo which destroys life even though the adult cells have a much better record of helping people. Now were told we can get the morning after pill without a prescription.

I suggest we pray in earnest for America God has promised that he answers prayers of his people and his children.

Then we register to vote, contact elected officials by phone, e-mail and post office. Before you vote, find out what the people running stand for.

A personal note, in 2004, I was somewhat involved in helping to unseat a senator of 26 years the newcomer won.

I admit I did more praying for the new senator than I did writing checks this was in the state of South Dakota.

Will we try to stop the killing of the preborn? Will we do what we can or will we just sing louder? May God have mercy on us all!

Mildred Smith Quitman


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