The Lord's Supper


Here at Pineville First Baptist Church we believe in two ordinances, set in place by Christ, which are symbols and pledges of the Christian's profession and of God's love toward us. They are means of grace by which God works invisibly in us, quickening, strengthening and confirming our faith in Him. The two ordinances are Baptism and the Lord's Supper (also called Communion).

We believe the Lord's Supper is a representation of our redemption, a memorial to the sufferings and death of Christ, and a token of love and union which Christians have with Christ and with one another. Those of the local church who rightly, worthily and in faith eat the bread and drink the cup, do it in remembrance of Him, until He returns.

The Lord's Supper had its origin in
the Passover Meal.
Which celebrates the ancient
Hebrews' escape and deliverance
by God's hand
from bondage to freedom.
It is a meal to which
Jesus gave new meaning
as He shared it with His disciples
on the night before His crucifixion.


From the earliest of times, believers have experienced Christ as present among them in this celebration. Baptists believe Christ is present in this meal as a Spirit, and not there in actual flesh and blood.

  • please click here for an excellent video about The Lord's Supper and BAPTISM.
  • and though their Jesus has long hair in the video, we know as Baptists, this is not esptablished Bible fact, but rather an over the centuries, literary license.









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