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August 2011
Volume II - Number V

If you can read this document thank a teacher. If it is in ENGLISH thank a vet.

July and August was full of church activities.

July was highlighted by one of our better Vacation Bible Schools. There were crafts, games, music, refreshments, special presentations, and of course good Bible study.

VBS week was held July 25th ?h from 6:15 - 8:30 each evening with 70 Students and 35 Workers attending. Thanks to all (spearheaded by Alberta Anders) for a job well done.

Jesse James Days (August 24-27) was upon us once again. Tonya and David Groves were the overseers of our contributions to the festivities. A special thanks to Gladys Woodfill and Mary Lynn Cunningham for securing for us our favorite spot on the square. Our church booth was there from Wednesday through Saturday. This has been our most important out-reach to our community for many years now so we truly appreciate all who did their part in reaching the lost for Christ.

One Wednesday evening in August was devoted to a report on the Puebla, MX mission trip. Bro. Larry presented photos and comments and others who made the trip added their observations and quips. People came forward during this Bible school with professions of faith, including several teen boys. Even the doctor Bro. Larry witnessed to, on a visit to his office, accepted Christ.

On the 13th a full house enjoyed a picnic at Steve and Jodie Hartman?use from 2:30 to early evening. A bunch of tired but happy (and full) people thanked the Hartmans for a wonderful time of food, fun and Christian fellowship.

As always September brings a full plate of activities for everyone here at First Baptist. On Sunday, Sunday school and morning worship. On Wednesday, choir practice, Wednesday night services, and either Wacky Wednesdays or AWANA for our school aged children. On Friday, a Discipleship Class. Even our business meetings of late are playing to a nearly full house.

The Meanings Behind
The Folding of the Flag Ceremonies

The first fold of the FLAG represents the end of life on earth. The last fold of the FLAG represents the beginning of life in heaven. The red of the FLAG is symbolic of the Blood that was shed by the men and women of our armed forces to preserve our freedom. The white of the FLAG is symbolic of the Purity of the soul. The blue of the FLAG stands for Fidelity. The FLAG is folded in three corners, reminiscent of the type of hat that was worn by the father of our country, George Washington, and the blessed Trinity Ší┤her, Son, Holy Spirit. The FLAG is folded so that only the blue (sky) and the stars (of heaven) show. The year of our independence from England, 1776 equals twenty-one (guns saluting) if added together. Three brass shell casings, symbolically one from each volley, are tucked into the flag, and represent duty, honor and country.

AWANA ?roved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.?bbie Wishon will be our director, and will be calling on all for help to make this another successful year. See Debbie or Donna to volunteer your talents in service to our kids and our Lord. Carnival night will be September 14, and the beginning of AWANA for this year.

Men2eakfast and WMU (Women?ssionary Union) meet every month. Both sponsor various church activities and they are always looking for fresh, new faces.

Our Church Prayer Chain is as always looking for dedicated PRAYER WARRIORS and our library always has a need of tenderly used Christian related books, and other such media materials. See Pat Anders.

Know of someone in our community who needs food or clothing? Please let our pastor know. Our congregation has been most generous when it comes to this kind of giving and its support of our food/clothing pantries.

The reason your IRS form is called: 1040 is you get to keep $10 and your Uncle Sam gets $40.


Need Help?


The Church: 417.223.4433

Pastor Larry: 417.628.3052

Assistant Pastor Ryan: 501.454.2249

or one of Our Deacons:

Bro. Sam - 417.628.3108
Bro. Roger - 417.435.2581
Bro. Jim - 417.628.3971
Bro. Arnold - 417.436.2613
Bro. Jack ? 417.223.7458
Bro. Steve - 417.223.7145
Bro. Thacker - 417.456.1862

Feel free to print out this page and carry it with you, wherever you go.


See you in church!

Regular Worship Opportunities
 Sunday 9:45 A.M.
Sunday School for All Ages
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 Sunday 11:00 A.M.


Morning Worship
 Sunday 5:00 P.M.


Discipleship Class
Sunday 6:00 P.M.


Evening Worship
 Wednesday 5:30 P.M.
Choir Practice
 Wednesday 6:30 P.M.
 Wednesday 6:30 P.M.
Youth 7th-12th
 Wednesday 7:00 P.M.
Bible Study
 Wednesday 8:15 P.M.
Bible Study for AWANA leaders and teachers


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