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JULY 2010
Volume I - Number II

Dear Folks -

Every Christian is called to minister. The Great Commission belongs to each and every born again Child of God. The scriptures leave no doubt that each Christian is called by God to minister to others. To live our call to ministry may not be as dramatic as Isaiah's but it is no less certain or important. In fact the call reveals several essential truths for every Christian. Every Christian eventually comes to the realization that God has a use for them.

Isaiah got the call and he said: "Here am I. Send me."

Do you ever wonder how God will use you? You can bank on His Word that He will not only use you, but will give you the direction He wants you to go in. If you talk to God, He will provide you with all the answers you need in His Holy Word - The BIBLE. It is easy to find your direction there by prayer, searching The Word, and meditation (being still and knowing He is God).

July 4th, is upon us and this is a good time to start, or continue, your journey to everlasting life. There is very little doubt that He provided this land - America for us. Founded on Christian values. Supported and protected by persons under His control. He provided the land, and water and the people. If you will take the time to read the story of George Washington and just how many times God directly intervened in his life, it is at the same time, eye opening and inspiring.

One time, during an intense battle in the Revolutionary War, an Indian chief fired several shots at point blank range, in General Washington's direction, and not a single one found their mark. Later in the day, back at camp, Washington was to shake the spent bullets out of his hair and coat.

So enjoy your 4th folks, but don't forget to thank God, for providing the men and woman that have and will continue to protect you and yours, as they stand in the gap for you, as always.

The Ten Commandments are a great start towards replaying God for His sacrifice. Breaking even ONE of these commandments (never meant to be taken as "The Ten Suggestions") is tantamount to breaking them all. And as all of us do make mistakes, God in His wisdom has provided His Son, as the defense attorney, in our behalf, that when asked, we can be forgiven except for the one - the first. And do you know what that first one is?

Keep this July 11th in mind, as it is our second love offering for the purchase of the property across the street.

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Bro. Sam - 417.628.3108
Bro. Roger - 417.435.2581
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Remember ... our local church is a vital, living, instrument to the ONE true, living God of the Universe.

Our God IS/WAS/AND SHALL EVERMORE BE God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

JAMES 5:20, "Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins."

See you in church!

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