Our Church Newsletter
October 2010
Volume I - Number IV

From Ezekiel 33:7-11KJV

The Watchman

God compares His witness to a watchman on a city wall. This man’s sworn duty was to warn people of any and all coming disaster.

It is impossible to know essential truth and not feel a responsibility to share it.

Ezekiel’s watchman’s image catapults the carrier of Truth to a new level of importance. Christ’s Great Commission to His followers takes on an added dimension when we include the watchman imagery. If you know the Gospel well enough to be a Christian, you know it well enough to be a watchman on the wall. Read those words again – as A WATCHMAN.

If you have time, call Don Stark, and give his family your condolences in the loss of their son and thank them for their generous donation of to the needy of kitchen utensils, food and clothing. What we didn’t use for ourselves was passed on to another Baptist church and to two other charitable organizations.

The AWANA program is off to a great start after a very successful Registration Carnival. There were several game booths and a dunk tank. With it raining on and off, we still entertained a large crowd, even though, due to the inclement weather, the pony rides had to be cancelled. Classes are now well underway and include Lesson Time, Game Time, Music Time and Council Time.

If you or your child wish to participate, it is not too late. Please call Debbie Wishon at: 417.499.4283 for additional information.

We have classes available from kindergarten age though the 6th grade in AWANA. The program meets from 6:30PM to 8PM each Wednesday night, while school is in regular session.

The new Spanish outreach program spearheaded by Larry and Ava Haggard is now well under way, but they still need prayers offered up daily. Language of your choice, as God understands them all.

The Lord remains the central and complete focus in our lives at First Baptist.

Is He in yours?

May all your blessings be great and all your troubles be small.

Need Help?


The Church: 417.223.4433

Pastor Larry: 417.628.3052/417.761.1132

Assistant Pastor Ryan: 501.454.2249

or one of Our Deacons:

Bro. Sam - 417.628.3108
Bro. Roger - 417.435.2581
Bro. Jim - 417.628.3971
Bro. Arnold - 417.436.2613

Remember ... our local church is a vital, living, instrument to the ONE true, living God of the Universe.


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