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November 2010
Volume I - Number V

The Bread of LIFE

(found in the flyleaf of an old Bible)
"This book contains the mind of God; the state of man; the way of salvation; the doom of sinners and the happiness of believers.
"Its doctrines are holy, its precepts binding, its histories are true and its decisions are immutable.
"Read it to be wise; believe it to be safe; and practice it to be holy.
"It contains light to direct you, food to support you and comfort to cheer you.
"It is the travel?p; the pilgrim?aff; the pilot?mpass; the soldier?ord; and the Christian?arter.
"Here heaven is opened and the gates of hell disclosed.
"Christ is the grand subject; our good its design; and the glory of God its end.
"It should fill the memory, rule the heart and guide the feet.
"Read it slowly, frequently, prayerfully.
"It is given you in life, will be opened at the judgement and be remembered forever."


O the dept of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God. (Romans 11:33 KJV).


When you have the time, call Don Stark at ******** and give his family your condolences in the loss of their son and thank them for their generous donation for the needy of kitchen utensils, food and clothing. What we didn?e for ourselves was passed on to another Baptist church and to two other charitable organizations.

You can't realize the impact that this church has on the community until you attend a business meeting. Listen to what the minister reads. See the financial report for yourself, and hear regarding the various reports. You can, and should be a vital part of this equation, as you begin to realize just how much you and your fellow members CAN accomplish for God.

Our October business meeting included plans for redoing the parking lot; and completion of the remodeling of the house, and new parking lot across from the church. We purchased additional tables and chairs for the Family Life Center activities.

The church elected to send Verlene Crosswhite and Carla Henson to the newly organized "Teenage Pregnant Mothers," as representives of our church.

Our church will provide a float for the Pineville Christmas Parade, December 11th.

Our next clean up day date for the church is set for October 30th. So roll up your sleeves, and in your "Saturday Worst" (versus "Sunday Best") join us.

Steve Hartman and Jack Williams were nominated as Deacons-in-training.

Our financial report reflected the many on going projects and duties that this church accomplishes every month. Charlotte Gardner is our very capable Treasurer; and the Stewardship of funds, is taken very seriously by her and the other church members directly involved in such matters. As members of this local body we hope that you too will take very seriously your tithes and offerings obligations. Always give as much as you can. And if you don't get this WORD, so many important things will be lost. Feelings can be hurt, tasks are neglected, quarrels result, connections are never made. But with God involved, it is easy. Ask Him what you should give, then listen for His answer. Pray for guidance, then WAIT, but always in a receptive, listening mode. On the other side of the coin, with humans involved, it is really just as easy. Usually it just requires speaking out, and then listening in return. We have the means in our power to literally change the world!

Ozark Primer:

WARSH - Like in "Are you WARSHED in the blood?"

IDA - Like in: "Ida had more fun 'ifin' Ida just stayed home!"

October was a full month ?2eakfast, Fellowship Dinner, WMU, Youth Rally, AWANA and our AWANA Teacher?nference. Quite an accomplishment actually, when you consider this church is supported primarily by a small, dedicated staff of volunteers. And because of this fact, please know that there is always a very real need for your special gifts to be used by God, as a vital part of our mission of love to the community at large. YOU just might surprise yourself as to what God and you can do together for Pineville First Baptist.

This church is mainly staffed by a very loyal group of volunteers. And because of this fact, there is always a special place in our organization just for you. You can be a vital part of it, using your gifts and talents as the Spirit leads you. You will quickly be pleased and surprised at just how much you will get out of it. Just ask one of our many volunteers already in service to the Lord. For an example (or even two) ...


Brian and Mary Lynn Cummingham are a good place to start as we begin this NEW monthly feature.

Two, mostly unsung heroes of the Faith, and I would like to tell you a bit about them.

Brian is an SCBA Board Member, a Trustee, Usher, Long Range Planning Committiee member, and does many chores thoughout the building and grounds.

Mary Lynn is SCBA messenger, on the Flower Committee, works in the nursery, is the AWANA "Cubbies" leader, sings in the choir (reaching the high notes that the other members only just wish they could) and is a back up piano player when upon to do so.

Both are very active in our Pinville, Jessie James Days, church out reach activities.


Dec 7 ?d?pper (Pearl Harbor 1941)
Dec 11 - Christmas Parade, Pineville Square
Dec 19 - Christmas Cantata 6PM
Dec 25 质e day we celebrate) Christ?rthday ? Greatest Gift even given.

The AWANA program is growing. Praise the Lord! Classes are now well underway and include Lesson Time, Game Time, Music Time and Council Time. We have classes available from 3 years of age though the 6th grade in AWANA. The program meets from 6:30PM to 8PM each Wednesday night, while school is in regular session. If you (as a reader/listener) or your child wish to participate, it is never too late to begin, as the Bible lessons are all personalized. Please call Debbie Wishon at: 417.499.4283 for additional information.

The Lord remains the central and complete focus in our lives at First Baptist.

Is He in yours?

May all your blessings be great and all your troubles be small.

Closing Thought:

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A soft, fractured Heaven
A rent in the rain
One opening in a storm of possibilities
Hope above the billowing clouds.
The blue sky of dry summer
Four calves befuddled
Bottom of the sea stirs
Wet spring again.

Walter Bergen

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Need Help?

The Church: 417.223.4433

Pastor Larry: 417.628.3052/417.761.1132

Assistant Pastor Ryan: 501.454.2249

or one of Our Deacons:
Bro. Sam -- 417.628.3108
Bro. Roger -- 417.435.2581
Bro. Jim -- 417.628.3971
Bro. Arnold -- 417.436.2613
Bro. Steve -- 417.223.7145
Bro. Jack -- 417.223.7458

Remember ... our local church is a vital, living, instrument to the ONE true, living God of the Universe.


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    "If you are going through Hell, keep going!"
    Winston Churchill

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