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Come To Worship -- Leave To Serve



Bro. Leo Lense (Pastor)

Chris (Youth Pastor) and Athena Thacker.

Bob (Deacon - Friday Night Bible Study) and Monika (Nurseries - Church Pantry) Cole.

Charles (Deacon - Young Adults Sunday School Teacher) and Stacey (Sunday School Teacher) Thacker.

Steve (Deacon) Hartman.

Dee (Piano) Varner.

Leann (Sunday school teacher) Lenze.

Harley (Senior Men Sunday School Teacher) Tillman.

Dennis (Spairs and Pairs Adult Suday School Class)and Laura(Kitchen/Meals)Pope.

Martie (Bookeeping) Novak.

Wade (AWANA Director) and Amanda (Assistant Bookeeping) Mitchell.

Jessica(Church Member Records/Nursery) and Matt Cole

Gayla(Church Bulletin) Slish

Allen (Flowers and Plants) Spears.

Debbie(Kitchen/Meals Director) Urick.

Mary(Kitchen/Meals) Pope.

David and Tonya (Housekeeping - Maintenance - Bus Drivers) Groves.

Harold (Photographer - Directory Coordinator) and Patricia (Bible Character Night - Angel Tree) Anders.

Steven (Web Manager - Sound - Youth Pastor) Kirkpatrick.

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