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Sunday School - For Kids ... of All Ages


  • Led by Patricia Anders
  • Located: Education Wing Fellowship Hall

  • Nursery is provided during the Sunday School Hour so young marrieds can go to their class of choice, without having to concentrate on caring for their offspring.

    Preschool Sunday School

  • Provided for toddlers through Kindergarten
  • Located: Education Wing Fellowship Hall

  • In Preschool Sunday School, we strive to provide a nurturing, loving environment for all preschoolers and their parents to feel safe, welcome and special. Bible thoughts, verses, stories and age-appropriate activities help children develop a foundation of faith. Activity teaching invites participation by the child and introduces Biblical concepts naturally. These eight areas of teaching help children learn: God, Jesus, the Bible, Natural World, Family, Others, Self and Church.

    Children's Sunday School

  • Provided for First through Sixth Graders
  • Located: Education Wing Fellowship Hall

  • Sunday School for children seeks to provide a healthy, creative, and effective Bible study time with children. Bible skills, verses, stories, worship and creative expression invite children to develop their faith in a group setting as well as on an individual basis. We also hope to help children cultivate Christ-like relationships with adults and friends.

    Youth Sunday School

  • Available to Seventh through Twelfth Graders
  • Located: Learning Center Building

  • Youth Sunday School offers a loving place for youth to know God through studying God's Word, praying, singing, and discussing how God is active in their lives. Each Sunday, the youth are challenged to grow in faith and in their relationship with God. They are encouraged to care for one another and to be open to how they can serve God by serving others.

    New Christians Class

  • Led by Dr. Larry Crawford
  • Located: Main Sanctuary.

  • Spares and Pairs

  • Led by Brother Steve Hartman and Martie Novak.
  • Located: main area, Family Life Center

  • For young to middle age adults, who share and discuss their concerns and Christian beliefs in a loving, caring environment. Common bonds of family, friendship and faith in Christ are strengthened through this class and the many ministries and activities it participates in and outside of the church walls.

    Median Adults

  • Led by Jim Rogers
  • Located: main area, Fellowship Hall

  • For the adults in the middle, who share and discuss their concerns and Christian beliefs in a small, intimate setting. Through Bible study members discover how to be better Christians while in the midst of a rapidly changing society.

    Adult Women

  • Led by Janelle Rogers
  • Located: Education Wing, Fellowhip Hall

  • A Bible study for married or single adult women with a focus on discussion. We meet with the expectation of making discoveries by accident. Opening the Bible together provides the starting point for our chance discoveries.

    Adult Men

  • Led by Harley Tillman
  • Located: Activities Building

  • Adult Men are those from their 40s upward. They represent diverse backgrounds, but unite weekly for meaningful Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. This group participates in regular opportunities for building relationships, and over sees the needs of the church.

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